Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's It All About?

Manna was the gift of God to the Israelites as they travelled in the wilderness. The texture and taste of manna are variously described, but honey, bread, and oil are the most frequent descriptors.

God continues to provide abundant food, particularly here in the United States. But humans have chosen to rearrange that food to make it bigger, tastier, faster to grow. Our family has chosen to try to eat less manufactured foods and more organic foods. To that end, this blog will explore the world of kosher vegetarian food as we experience it.

Some of the guiding principles of being kosher and vegetarian:

1 -- No combinations of meat products and milk products. (Well, duh, given that this is about vegetarian food.)

2 -- Whole ingredients, a minimum of processed foods. Because we are ovo-lacto vegetarians, eggs and dairy are allowed. However, our definition of vegetarian does not include fish.

3 -- All prepared foods (e.g., jarred spices, condiments) must include a kosher certification known as a hechsher.

4 -- All the food has to be really tasty.

This is a Jewish blog  The blog will be organized primarily around the Jewish year and holidays, including Shabbat.